Fallout 76’s NPCs In The Wastelanders Update Can No Longer Loot Your Dead Body

Fallout 76’s NPCs In The Wastelanders Update Can No Longer Loot Your Dead Body
Credit: Rattler via YouTube

Fallout 76’s Wastelanders update has been a huge success by all accounts. Finally, the West Virginia lands have some meaningful NPCs to interact with. Their presence alone drastically changes the way Fallout 76 plays. What was once a game devoid of personality now is teaming with it. Bethesda wanted to make it up to passionate fans and they seem to have done just that.

There’s just one problem: Some of the NPCs in this recent update have been raiding the dead bodies of players. It has a lot of players freaked out about losing the stash that they worked so hard for. It’s also pretty creepy seeing this behavior from the NPCs. It’s like they’ve become self-aware and have a mind of their own.

Although this has got the Fallout community buzzing, Bethesda was quick to fix the bizarre glitch. A hotfix is now out that keeps NPCs away from your body and loot should you perish in the game. Now players can take a big sigh of a relief. Bethesda didn’t even have to take the game off-line to make this change, thankfully.

The question still remains, though. Will players who’ve had their weapons stolen from NPCs get them back? You can imagine the frustration working hours to find a powerful weapon only to have it taken from your inventory after dying in battle. Several players have been slighted in this regard with no real answers of how this situation will be rectified.

Giving these players back their weapons from greedy NPCs is the right thing to do, and you can bet Bethesda will comment on this matter shortly. For now, though, they’re riding high off the Wastelanders update. It is garnering a lot of attention and helping restore some good faith they may have lost when Fallout 76 first launched.

It was a strange choice for the developer to go in the PVP direction, but they didn’t just drown out fan backlash. It took them a little bit, but now, Fallout 76 is an entirely different game. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, now is a great time with these self-quarantine measures still being in place. You’ll find a lot of meaningful dialogue with a diverse cast of interesting characters.

Even the missions have been re-hauled, now featuring meaningful content that you can’t wait to jump into. You may just need to be a little cautious with possible rogue NPCs still on the prowl.