Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Celebrates Two Year Anniversary With Subscription Benefits

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Celebrates Two Year Anniversary With Subscription Benefits
Credit: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Official Website

Earlier this month, Nintendo announced that their mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp would add paid membership options.

The game is currently free to download and play but offers in-app game purchases to buy Leaf Tickets, which is used for exclusive and limited edition items.

Nintendo is offering two plans: Happy Helper and Cookie & Depot Plan.

The Happy Helper Plan allows players to designate an animal to be the camp caretaker. This title is different from Isabelle’s role in the mobile game, where she provides tips and tricks to help the player.

The camp caretaker can be any camper who has visited the campsite. They are in charge of handling other animals’ requests, assisting with collecting items for events, and will decrease crafting time. One example of the decreased crafting times was a building taking 24 hours would be reduced to 30 minutes. One of the biggest bonuses is that the plans include 60 Leaf Tickets with a free one month trial.

The Cookie & Depot plan includes all of the benefits of the Happy Helper plan, plus a members-only Cookie Shop. Players can choose five fortune cookies each month, including items that are no longer available in the cookie shop.

The Depot part of the plan gives players access to a depot with extra storage. Players can store up to 5,000 items in various warehouses. The only exclusion is that it may not come with a free trial.

Both plans give access to the Pocket Camp Club Journal, which is a collection of various tips and stories from the campers.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp first launched on Android and iOS devices in October 2017. Players that were hoping for the next installment in the console game could spend their time caring for a campsite. The game has continued to update throughout the past two years with special events, new clothing items, and animals.

The next title in the series is Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch, launching March 20, 2020. For the first time in the series, the weather will correspond to the player’s real-time location in the Northern or Southern hemispheres, plus the addition of windy weather.

The Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp paid membership service is now available today, November 21.