Animal Crossing New Horizons: Wedding Day Event Guide – Maximize Heart Crystal Rewards

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Wedding Day Event Guide – Maximize Heart Crystal Rewards
Credit: Nintendo via Youtube

The latest and greatest Animal Crossing: New Horizons event is currently live, and players are rushing to earn the heart crystal rewards in order to make the most of the wedding season. For players who time travel, this is no problem at all. For those playing through the game in a traditional way, however, a more careful approach is needed to maximize your rewards.

The event runs from June 1st to June 30th, and the event is replayable only one time each day. With these numbers, it is theoretically possible to net 422 heart crystals without time traveling if you maximize your rewards every single day.

If you are just interested in getting one each of the 29 available items, you just need to aim for 265 heart crystals in order to complete the set. Keep in mind, you can only order 8 items per day from Cyrus, so don’t horde all of your crystals to the end of the event.

First things first, if you haven’t already make sure to head over to Harv’s island and start the event. Reese and Cyrus need help recreating their wedding photos and have asked you to act as a set designer and photographer.

There are two main methods to receive the maximum individual rewards for each day. The first is known as the set +1. This means all you need to do is include at least one of every item in the set in the shoot, and then one additional wedding day set item of your choice.

This method is perfect for players that are both trying to maximize their rewards, and also net some beautiful screenshots in the process. However, this method only works when all the items have been unlocked.

During a traditional playthrough, you will unlock one item of the set during each of the first seven days you participate in the photoshoot. During these first seven days, you can earn a maximum of 11 heart crystals each day, with the cap increasing to 15 for the remainder of the event.

The other very easy way to level up your ranking is to spam the Wedding Decoration item on the walls, and completely fill the space for all four walls.

Just this alone with nothing on the floor at all should net you the maximum heart crystals for the individual day. The best news is that the Wedding Decoration item is available to players from day 1.

That about wraps up the Wedding Day Event Guide. Make sure to remember to play and photograph every day of this event. The Wedding Day itemset is absolutely stunning, and can only be ordered through Cyrus and not the standard catalog.