Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Celebrates The Coming Of Fall With Maple’s Autumn Cookie’s Release

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Celebrates The Coming Of Fall With Maple’s Autumn Cookie’s Release
Credit: Nintendo

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free-to-play mobile game in the Animal Crossing series. It was released in 2017 for both iOS and Android devices. It is called a social simulation game as it allows you to interact with small campsites and various campers. You engage in small tasks, help commerce, and decorate the living spaces of the residents.

In all essence, it is a pocket edition of Animal Crossing, and now it is celebrating fall with some new items to spice up the place. Maple’s Autumn Cookie is a small addition to your pocket camp that brings maple into the game as a resident. She provides little fortune cookies along with some adorable cosmetics to decorate your character and your camp with.

You have your own avatar and living space within the community. You are in charge of the campsite and must gather materials from the surrounding area to trade for furniture. By befriending neighboring animal characters, you can slowly build a community around your campsite.

Other animals and even other players can be invited to come and see your campsite. Like any mobile game having others come to your camp brings rewards of its own, including additional resources and the company of a friend.

You can travel to multiple locations such as Sunburst Island, Saltwater Shores, and a marketplace that sells furniture and clothing for your avatar. The game does have a microtransaction currency known as Leaf Tickets which are used to reduce in-game timers or craft without materials.

Maple does need to be crafted, but once she is part of your community, she will remain for a long time. She brings costumes for your character so you can look like an autumn fairy and even deck out your cabin with fall colors and forest sweets. If you are lucky, you can acquire the tree-stump hideout which will look great in the campground.

A special memory is available starring Maple, Penelope, and Snake if you happen to get a lucky cookie. There is a long list of available items including giant cosmos, a thicket of reeds, acorn chair, autumn fairy dress, and many other wonderful additions.

So it is time to dress up your campground to be in tune with fall festivities. You have until December 14th at 11:59 PM to pick up Maple’s autumn cookie and add it to your campground. Again, this game is free to play on iOS and Android devices, so if your a fan of Animal Crossing this is a great game to carry in your pocket.