An RGB Minecraft Sign Which Lights Up When Friends Join Your Server: Utilizing A Raspberry Pi Zero

An RGB Minecraft Sign Which Lights Up When Friends Join Your Server: Utilizing A Raspberry Pi Zero
Credit: GeekSmithing Via Youtube

Minecraft has a monthly player base of 126 million, making it a widely popular choice for many gamers. Everyone from the famous YouTuber of PewDiePie to even the most casual of gamers at least has some knowledge of Minecraft.

The Creator of this fantastic sign goes by the name of Geeksmithing on YouTube, and on Reddit goes by the TroyMcLure. TroyMcLure meant to create this fantastic light, while a Gardener accidentally created a Minecraft inspired backyard that Minecraft can read about here.

TroyMcLurecreated an RGB Minecraft sign which lights up when friends join your server, letting you know when your friends are hanging out, or when they are planning on stealing your diamonds!

The sign looks fantastic, and TroyMcLure should be incredibly proud not only of the sign’s construction but also the tremendous code he has written to decode which player had joined and light up the correct letter.

When you join the server, all the letters in the word of Minecraft go a white color, but as other players join in the color changes. The fantastic feature that lights up the corresponding letter means that at just a quick glance, you can see how many of your friends are online and either waiting for you to join and play or trying to steal all your resources!

In his video on building the RGB Minecraft sign, TroyMcLure showcases the construction and planning that this build had him undertake.

This planning led to him getting the LEDs and using a Raspberry Pi Zero, which allowed him to save on space as the Raspberry Pi Zero is substantially smaller when compared to the standard Raspberry Pi 3.

One fantastic feature is the ability to change the colors of the letters and even have a rainbow light scheme. The ability to change the color makes this sign perfect for nearly any setup, and the rainbow light setting is sure to attract your attention when your friend joins into your server!

TroyMcLure posted his creation on Reddit under the username TroyMcKlure, and he posted a video under the YouTube channel of Geeksmithing. On this channel, There are some fantastic builds that virtually any gamer or Minecrafter will enjoy.

Anyone looking for a fantastic build while stuck in this quarantine, this may just be perfect for you!