An Annual Subscription Is Now Being Offered For The Apple Arcade Mobile Gaming Service

An Annual Subscription Is Now Being Offered For The Apple Arcade Mobile Gaming Service
Credit: IGN via YouTube

There are a lot of platforms today that gamers can visit when looking to play the latest and greatest titles. One of the more successful — especially as far as mobile games go — has been Apple Arcade. This subscription service is pretty cheap and it’s always adding a ton of great mobile games for iOS devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Originally, you could only pay each month for the service. Now, though, Apple is rolling out an annual subscription plan. It’s exactly $50 and is Apple’s way of helping interested subscribers save some money. If you plan on sticking around this platform for a while — seeing what all there is to play — then this annual subscription seems like a great deal.

There are a ton of amazing mobile games on Apple Arcade right now. For example, right now, subscribers can play Hot Lava. It’s a game that involves staying off the floor filled with lava. You can jump, run, climb, and even surf your way through these unique environments.

For a game that’s basically about moving around, Hot Lava is very addicting. It has parkour elements that will make you want to revisit the title over and over. The graphics are also outstanding for a mobile game. You can really tell how much effort the developer — Klei Entertainment — put into the game’s visuals and mechanics.

Another top mobile game on the platform right now is The Pathless. It’s an atmospheric action game that revolves around a huntress set on expelling evil that has crowded her beloved forest island. Like Hot Lava, the mechanics in this game are addicting and the visuals are stunning.

The main protagonist uses a bow and arrow as her main weapon. In addition to the stellar combat, there are plenty of puzzles to solve and mysteries to unravel. Overall, it’s a solid mobile game that’s worth checking out if you’re up for epic adventures.

These are only a couple of games that are on the platform. There is a ton of variety, whether you like action platformers or puzzle/strategy titles. There are even full-length RPGs to dive deep into. Apple Arcade truly is an incredible platform if you like taking your gaming on the go.

Even today, it seems like mobile gaming is a huge market. People love cramming in gaming sessions on their way to work or in between classes. The new annual subscription seems worth it if you’re one of these mobile gamers.