All New Red Dead Online Content For Fans: Moonshiners Is Out Now And Allows Players To Build A Distillery And Sell White Lightning

All New Red Dead Online Content For Fans: Moonshiners Is Out Now And Allows Players To Build A Distillery And Sell White Lightning
Credit: MrBossFTW via YouTube

Things keep getting better and better for Red Dead Redemption 2 players. This time, the developers at Rockstar Games are coming out with a new frontier pursuit add-on called Moonshiners, which is available now for Red Dead Online.

The latest update will allow players to get into the distilling business by selling the old “white lightning” as they call it in the old country. In the wild west, gamers can become a bootlegger by joining forces with an infamous distiller and run their business out of a brand new shack property. In addition to the new frontier pursuit, gamers will find all kinds of new quests, items, and fixes. It’ll be sure to be a good time.

To moonshine, players will need to rely on their trader skills. The latest details for the moonshining business will be found outside of the player’s camp, which is where it all starts. Each player will need to find their own ingredients and produce the goods on their own, but there are some serious profits in store for anyone who is willing to do the work.

Thos few Moonshiners who know what they’re doing will be able to time shipments to meet the needs of their buyers. But in order to get to that point, the player will need to reach level 5 as a Trader and have completed at least one trader sell mission. After that, they can get started selling the booze to make a tidy profit.

In order to start producing the booze, players will need a property, a cook, and equipment. You will be able to get a homestead with a storefront in the front of the building and the distillery downstairs. You can even add a bar, a dancefloor with a band, and other upgrades for your distillery.

Of course, the new gameplay also comes with a whole host of new quests and storylines. Take your posse out, move your business ahead, kill your rival moonshiners, learn recipes, and meet the demands of your more steady clients. Players will be able to move their business across five different states to make their money, which is huge!

The best part, though, is that the moonshiner update comes with its own host of items and equipment. Every specialist role in the game has its own items, apparel, accessories, and guns. Moonshiners is no exception to that rule. There’s even a new weapon design called the “Flammable Moonshine Jug,” which is a bomb like weapon that you can throw at enemies. And also there is a new unique design (for ornamentation only), that can be applied to the sawed-off shotgun. Be sure to check it out today!