After Revealing Clone Commando, Dice Introduces The Upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2 Map Felucia

After Revealing Clone Commando, Dice Introduces The Upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2 Map Felucia
Credit: Origin

EA DICE has yet again teased the content set for release this September. Already, fans of the action shooter video game have been introduced to Clone Commando, the new hero in the seventh overall release, and fourth major instalment of the Star Wars: Battlefront series.

In the latest news, the new map, ‘’Felucia’’ has been detailed. The new map will be part of the Cooperation Update set for release on September 25.

As is the norm with Capital Supremacy planets in Starwars: Battlefront 2, the new map, ‘’Felucia’’ is segmented into five zones, dubbed ‘Command Posts.’ Each zone has a theme and specific objectives.

1. Command Post Village
The Felucian architecture and settlements blend in the natural landscape. If you are tasked with defending this Command Post, take advantage of the village structures for cover, and use the elevation to track enemy positions.

2. Command Post Sarlacc
Sarlaccs are among the most dreaded creatures in the galaxy, and no one would dare step into their yard, at least by choice. Now, the once infested zone is host to a vicious battle between the Separatist forces and Clone armies. The Command Post is on a linear structure overlooking the once feared Sarlacc. To succeed, you need to guard the entrance.

3. Command Post Farm
Agriculture is part and parcel of the Felucian culture, but the once vibrant fields have no harvests. Only the ‘scars of battle’ remain behind. This new map is quite open and except for the few farm machinery and equipment lying around; there is no enough cover. Also here, keep an eye on the several entrances and ambush flanking enemies.

4. Command Post Caves
Felucia is also home to a landscape characterized by networks of open-air caves. Deep inside one of the complexes lies the Command Post. The Rancor that used to dwell at Command Post Caves is long gone leaving it in the hands of Separatists and Republic who are now fighting for its control.

5. Command Post Swamp
This is a key zone that has been used by the Separatists as a drop site. While it has some considerable cover, the open terrain makes you an easy target. The Felucian Ripper and Manta will also be flying through the skies.

As mentioned earlier, EA DICE unleashed the new hero, and also revealed his weapons and skills among other attributes.

Clone Commando’s primary weapon is the DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifle. It has been the standard issue in all the Clone Wars and is loved because of the versatility as it can configure as a blaster rifle or grenade launcher. The left ability is an Anti-Armor Attachment, while the right is a Repulsor Blast. Last is the middle ability which is Battle Focus.,