After Being Banned In Several Countries, Plague Inc. Developers Add Pandemic-Fighting Mode To Their Game

After Being Banned In Several Countries, Plague Inc. Developers Add Pandemic-Fighting Mode To Their Game
Credit: Steam

If it seems as if all news has become centered around the Coronavirus pandemic, that is because it actually has. And the wild, wild realm of video games is clearly no exception to this immensely powerful rule. But it actually is not just the news moving to accommodate all of the things that are happening and changing out there in the world today: There is also a huge move towards including the new ramifications within the video game industry as well.

Plenty of games are straining to find ways to get in on the big old cash grab that is now happening across the world as players locked up within self-isolation and quarantine are looking for things to bring them out of their wild, wild level of boredom. One such game is the famous Plague, Inc. This is a game about trying to upgrade and create a plague that will spread around the world, and it’s sort of like a combination between risk and some wild zombie game.

This has actually put the game in a very strange area. If you think about it, the game is about everything we are seeing right now in the world. It is about the spread of this wild, wild disease that is moving to take out everyone. And that, my friends, is some very bad Joo Joo. Why? Well, people around the world took offense to the game itself.

Plague, Inc. has been around since 2012, and well before its release on mobile apps and consoles, the game was being released as a flash game on places like Newgrounds, etc. This means the game has been around for a long time. But for the first time, the game had a very scary connection with the real world. Several countries actually banned the game for its content after the outbreak of Coronavirus.

So what’s the solution? Well, according to the folks who actually run the game. They would like to create a version of Plague, Inc. that allows its players to fight the spread of the virus instead of trying to make it happen.

This would be an awesome addition to the game and a welcome relief for millions upon millions of fans. We need to get a game out there that uplifts the spirit in these dark times, and by having ourselves a game called Plague, Inc. that is all about fighting off a viral pandemic, we might just get it.