According To The Results Of A Fan Vote, Mudkip Is The Most Effective First-Level Pokemon

According To The Results Of A Fan Vote, Mudkip Is The Most Effective First-Level Pokemon
Credit: ga,er

With the slow unveiling of gen nine, Pokemon is getting closer to having a thousand monsters in its roster. While the debate over which is the finest starter may finally be at an end, there are plenty of other heated debates still open. Mudkip was chosen as the tournament victor after public voting.

Whether you agree or disagree, cute little Mudkip is now officially the most beloved Pokemon starter of all time. Using Twitter, Mattibee created a tournament that pitted numerous starters against one another and polled their followers to establish once and for all who the finest player of all time is. Only Mudkip and Rowlet made it to the finals, and the third-generation water type ultimately won the title of best starter.

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Not every coach will agree with how the bracket worked out, but getting to the championship match was no picnic for Mudkip, much less beating the cute Rowlet once it got there. The first-round opponent was Chikorita; the second was Cyndaquil. Also, a grass-type starter and the eighth and final opponent was Bulbasaur, the most powerful Pokemon in terms of time sequence.

With its victory over Totodile in the semifinal people’s vote, Mudkip completed a run through all of the gen two starters to claim first place. It is also important to note that although all three of Scarlet & Violet’s starters participated, none of them advanced past the first round of competition. Probably just because nobody has used them to play with and, as a result, attached themselves to them just yet. If Lechonk and Fidough were present, on the other hand, the narrative would most certainly take a very different turn.

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Even though Mudkip has been unofficially named the best Pokemon starter of all time, those contentious debates will, of course, continue. In point of fact, as a result of that, they will most likely get much more heated. The evidence for this can be seen in the responses to the tweet that announced Mudkip as the winner.