A Wild Group Of Australian Twitch Streamers Just Raised Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars For Raging Wildfires

A Wild Group Of Australian Twitch Streamers Just Raised Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars For Raging Wildfires
Credit: Loserfruit via YouTube

It’s no secret that a major wildfire has spread throughout Australia in what many are calling an absolute and utter climate catastrophe. These flames are nothing like the fires they have seen in year’s past, and the stuff just keeps spreading throughout The Outback. It is not good. At all. We’re talking dead koalas and something like 1 billion animals already killed.

In the weeks since it all started, 25 people have died, and 15.6 million acres of land have been burned. Hmm, sounds like this is a job for gamers, eh? Enter the three most famous Australian Twitch streamers: Loserfruit, Fasffy, and Crayator who ended up running a long marathon Twitch stream to try and fundraise for the disaster zone.

The first stream the trio set themselves a nice and sensible target of $15000 AUD, but within the first hour, they blew well past their initial goal. And things kept rolling and rolling from there.

Next thing you know, they had amassed several hundred thousand Australian dollars to help fight the fires and return a bit of sanity to what have most certainly been an insane few weeks. But that’s not all.

Throughout their marathon stream, a whole slew of other guests rolled through to show their support. This group included Brodie, BazzaGazza, GraceWatkins, Mully, Muselk, MrWoofless, Marcus, Lazarbeam, Tannar, and LivBevan. And that’s just to name a few. Almost all of the guests, of course, hailed from the land of Australia, but there was some international support there too.

This stream winded up being so successful that the streamers decided to extend the total length of the stream from 24 hours to 36 hours. Talk about crazy! But I guess it was all worth it if it was done to help save the koalas and everything else.

To be honest, things weren’t only all about saving the forest and playing games. The group even did some time-honored Aussie traditions, like so-called “shoeys,” which is the thing you do when you drink beer out of a shoe. Yucky. But, well, if it works, then it works, right?

And it did manage to get the donations to the places where it needed to go. Plenty of the money found its way to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, the Australian Red Cross, and Wires, which is a wildlife rescue organization.

All in all, the stream winded up taking in a whopping $318511 Australian Dollars. That’s $220000 US Dollars for us yanks.