A Teaser Trailer Just Came Out For Darksiders Genesis; Developers Are Taking Series In A New Direction

A Teaser Trailer Just Came Out For Darksiders Genesis; Developers Are Taking Series In A New Direction
Credit: Darksiders via YouTube

If you’re a fan of the hack-and-slash genre, you’ve probably come across a Darksiders game before. They’re renowned for their incredible difficulty. The combat can be so frustrating at times that you just want to throw your controller at the wall.

Time and time again, dodging doesn’t seem to work or you’re hit with cheap shots from opponents. Despite its hard nature, people still love these games. Once you do finally get past a difficult stage or boss, you feel immediate satisfaction. Also, these games always have a compelling story that captivates you from start to finish.

It’s been quite a successful recipe for the developers at Vigil Games. However, it appears THQ Nordic is looking to pivot in a new direction. That’s according to a recent trailer announcement for their upcoming game, Darksiders Genesis.

Instead of featuring a third-person perspective — which fans have grown accustomed to — this game will take a more top-down approach to its perspective. It will play a lot like Diablo, the iconic dungeon-crawler that put this genre on the map.

The game is heading to Steam and Google’s upcoming streaming platform, Stadia. The trailer isn’t very long, but there are some talking points worth mentioning. First of all, it appears War is coming back in this re-imaging of the series. He’s been such an iconic figure in the first two games, so it only makes sense that the developers would be bringing him back.

The trailer also shows off a new horseman called Strife. He has regal attire on and an imposing mask that covers his face. Not much is known about his role in Darksiders Genesis, but it’s safe to assume he’ll play a huge part in the continuing struggle between Heaven, Hell, and Earth.

He’s sporting two rifles in the trailer, making it seem like his attacks will be based on gun-power and not entirely magic. It’s great to see the developers at Vigil Games continue to expand the lore of the Darksiders series.

The graphics and the combat look as amazing as ever. It’s just so interesting seeing Darksiders have this type of view. The characters are smaller, which may make defeating multiple enemies at a time more user-friendly.

The game does seem to take inspiration from the Diablo franchise. Other than these visuals, not much is known about Darksiders Genesis. You can expect that to change here pretty shortly as E3 officially kicks off next week.