A Strange World Inhabitated By Paper Creatures Is Coming To PlayStation VR, Paper Beast Unfolds Early Next Year

A Strange World Inhabitated By Paper Creatures Is Coming To PlayStation VR, Paper Beast Unfolds Early Next Year
Credit: PlayStation via Youtube

Every so often, a strange world full of strange creatures appears. This time it is a paper-crafting dreamland as Paper Beast shows up at Playstation’s State of Play broadcast. You are an explorer in a strange distant land far from the touches of humankind. In this land, all the fauna and flora are made from origami paper, folded metal, and other foldable things.

There are many other elements within this game that are more familiar. Water, sand, wind all are in their normal states. This game, in its core, is a puzzle game. You overcome obstacles and discover surprises about the world as you progress throughout the entire world. Since the game is non-verbal, players must intuit the journey without a word spoken or written.

You and these strange animals share a common goal. You are trying to progress and evolve the world, and as you travel, you will create a strong bond with the strange paper creatures. The game is supposed to feel like a journey, a migration, exhibiting a change and progression into something new.

The animals move as if they had muscles and bones. The engine inside the game calculates the creature’s movement and allows it to react as if it was real. It will encounter obstacles, adapt to the terrain, and move as a real animal would.

The trailer easily demonstrates how players can manipulate the terrain. This is the core puzzles solving mechanic of the game. As you solve puzzles, you will attract creatures that will help you with other puzzles. Like creatures that can help you build a dam out of sand so you can cross water.

The ground and other elements of the world adapt to the player’s actions. Everything is calculated in real-time. A great demonstration can be seen as the balls of sand can leave tracks, not to mention the animals themselves walking throughout the world.

Puzzle games seem to be coming back to the light, and with VR, new perspectives are the new trend. This game seems to be full of surprises, and the engine might be ready for any creative solutions the players come up with. This is truly a wonderful world to immerse yourself in with true VR capabilities.

Paper Beast will be available in the first quarter of 2020. The game will be on PlayStation VR, so make sure to keep your system up to date with the latest gear. VR is coming back stronger than before with more amazing adventures at every turn, so maybe instead of turning the page, players will learn to fold it into an amazing experience.