A Sequel To 20th Century Studios’ Predator Prequel Movie May Is Made, According To Prey Actor Amber Midthunder

A Sequel To 20th Century Studios’ Predator Prequel Movie May Is Made, According To Prey Actor Amber Midthunder

The Predator film’s potential sequel was recently discussed by Amber Midthunder, the star of Prey. A young Comanche lady named Naru plays the title character in the 1719 period piece Midthunder. Naru aspires to be a renowned warrior for her tribe. However, to prevent the vicious alien hunter from eradicating her entire tribe, she must track down and kill the Predator when it confronts her during her hunting-proving ritual.

The Predator movie, Prey, gained acclaim from critics and fans alike as soon as it was made available on the Hulu streaming site. The 1987 Predator first appeared in the action-horror movie, which swiftly rose to the top of the franchise’s ratings. Many fans have questioned whether there are any plans for a direct sequel due to the movie’s popularity. Prey’s director Dan Trachtenberg admitted that he considered returning for a sequel while working on the film but decided against it to make the finest possible film.

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The prospect of a sequel to her successful Predator movie, Prey, was discussed by Midthunder in a recent interview with EW. The actor regrettably acknowledges that she is unsure whether a sequel is in the works. She did, however, respect the time and work that Trachtenberg and the studio put into making Prey the best it could be. Read Midthunder’s comments below.

Midthunder seems to be aware of Trachtenberg’s meticulous attention, and the studio gave to Prey’s, which led to its success. Her complimentary remarks suggest that she would probably repeat her role if 20th Century Studios gave the sequel the same level of care as they gave the first film, Prey, even if she did not explicitly say that she would return for a sequel. Trachtenberg appeared to leave the door open if the studio opted to approve a sequel.

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Naru must provide the Yautja hunters with the Raphael Adolini flintlock gun for the franchise to remain consistent, as Predator 2 has demonstrated.