A New Trailer Is Out Now For SnowRunner That Shows Off More Of The Jaw-Dropping Environments And Elements

A New Trailer Is Out Now For SnowRunner That Shows Off More Of The Jaw-Dropping Environments And Elements
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

If you enjoy simulation games, then SnowRunner might peak your interests. It’s a game about driving heavy-duty trucks on rugged, snowy terrains. Think of American Truck Simulator, but with way more difficult paths and roads. That’s what SnowRunner is all about.

It’s currently slated to debut this year and as we get closer to its pending release, more trailers have started to surface. They’re showing authentic driving mechanics and amazingly detailed environments. A new one was just released by Focus Home Interactive. It sure does paint quite the picture for truckers who put their lives on the line, braving these snowy environments with large hauls.

The first environment shown is the black forests of Michigan. There are rocky trails and flowing waters everywhere. We see a truck driver take on a mission to rescue a trapped vehicle. A successful retrieval nets the driver a good haul of cash. It’s a pretty competent reward system that gives you all the more reason to endure these harsh elements.

The next area featured is Alaska. There is snow everywhere. It definitely seems like an element that will make you think twice about accelerating too quick. You have to be ready to make quick adjustments on the fly depending on what the Alaska frontier throws your way.

The task in Alaska requires the trucker to take a huge diesel truck up a snowy mountainside. That’s when you really can appreciate the refined driving mechanics that you’ll have to master in SnowRunner. The slightest miscalculation to either side could result in a catastrophic accident. That’s why this truck driving company has so much appeal right now. The elements add to the game’s authentic nature. There are real skills that you’ll have to learn fast if you’re to be successful long-term in this profession.

Just because you think you take the right path, doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. We actually see the driver in the trailer get stuck halfway up the mountain and then have to get rescued by another truck. There is so much on the line with every mission.

SnowRunner already looks like an amazing simulation experience that will test even the most seasoned gamers of this genre. It’s clear the developer is going all out in the authenticity department, from the visuals to the weather systems. If you’ve ever fantasied what it would be like to be a real-life ice road trucker, then SnowRunner is the title for you this year.