A New Multiplayer Action Shooter Titled Veterans Online Has Released On Steam

A New Multiplayer Action Shooter Titled Veterans Online Has Released On Steam
Credit: Nuked Cockroach via Steam XO

A new free-to-play shooter has released on Steam from Nuked Cockroach. Veterans Online is a unique multiplayer shooter that takes on two teams of five battling it on a battlefield full of guns. Using each character’s unique skills, weapons, and a dash of teamwork Veterans Online offers a unique challenge for even the most skilled shooter fan.

This free-to-play experience is sure to quickly make a name for itself as a unique blend of twin-sticker shooters and team play. Be quick on the draw and make sure to reinforce your friends else the enemy might take advantage of your team’s weak points.

Veterans Online is a top-down twin-stick shooter designed for a wide audience of players. Experience a fun version of warfare with easy to learn control but hard to master tactics. This polished and rewarding experience holds true to the developer’s promise to bring fun and competition together into a single title.

Players can expect a fast-paced shooter where your skills dictate the outcome of the game. Using good positioning and line-of-sight awareness, players can perform well time ambushes and then taunt with one of several emotes after an effective execution.

Enjoy multiple game modes and battlefields. As you personalize your tactics on every map, learn the ins and out to master the environment and achieve victory no matter the scenario.

As you level in the game, you will earn tons of different weapons and items. Each comes with its own mechanics and aim-lock effects upgrading your arsenal to take on any enemy.

In addition to equipment, customize your Veterans, so they stand out on the battlefield. You can customize each one from head to tow, and even deck out their rides to show off your style in war.

This game is designed to be played with friends. Party up with your allies and conquer your enemies in online battles. You can also go into custom games for a chance to blast each other to oblivion in good fun.

Veterans Online is designed with full Twitch integration. Stream or watch a streamer complete tasks for a mission and gain the rewards. You can also find active streamers playing Veterans Online through the in-game Twitch Leaderboard. Grow your audience, build up your army, and become a true soldier.

Veterans Online is available for PC on Steam right now. The game is free-to-play for anyone interested, but it may contain cosmetic microtransactions to decorate soldiers.