A New Look At The Lost Wild’s Dinosaur Survival Horror

A New Look At The Lost Wild’s Dinosaur Survival Horror
Credit: pcgamer

Great Ape Games has released a brand-new trailer for The Lost Wild as a component of the Annapurna Interactive Showcase 2022 presentation. The project’s PC release is scheduled for 2024.

The Lost Wild, a first-person survival horror game, was first introduced in October last year with a pre-alpha trailer. Players take control of an investigative reporter who is directed by a mysterious radio voice to investigate Japanese facilities that have been abandoned and are hidden within an island forest rich with ancient animals.

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These dinosaurs exhibit what Great Ape refers to as reactive systemic AI behaviors and indicate high levels of intelligence while behaving genuinely like animals.

By employing objects like flares and homemade, non-lethal weapons, players can use stealth to avoid detection while exploring, create distractions, or fend off dinosaurs. Most of the game will be spent gathering resources while exploring ruins in search of information about the island’s past and how you got into this precarious condition.

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Great Ape posted some views on its newly formed relationship with Annapurna on its Discord server. Of course, a publisher’s backing would undoubtedly affect any game’s development. Still, it sounds like the team took considerable pains to ensure it was partnering with the most significant firm.

This is significant because it signals the game’s release that everyone has been waiting for, according to Great Ape. “We no longer belong to the “will it or won’t it” or “yet another dinosaur game doomed to fail” camp.

We have chosen our partners carefully, and we think we have done so with the best in the industry. We now have the finest chance to make a great game with Annapurna on our side.

The Lost Wild won’t be released until the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025, according to the game’s FAQ. Although it has been announced for PC via Steam, it will also be released on unnamed platforms.