A Sci-Fi Action Adventure Game Featuring Glaciated Earth Called Glacier Has Been Released For PC

A Sci-Fi Action Adventure Game Featuring Glaciated Earth Called Glacier Has Been Released For PC
Credit: pcgamer

The sci-fi action game Glacier was unveiled by the Studio Snowblind team, which was founded in May. The game is being developed by a group of outsourcers under the direction of Japanese developer Kei Shibuya.

He previously worked on several PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360-era projects, including the creation of Project Nimbus: Complete Edition, Sumire, and other titles. The game’s release date will be disclosed later; as of now, just PC (Steam) is listed among the target platforms.

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ixty-five million years after the first human beings appeared on Earth, the game takes place there.

The remaining living things were only found in the water after the “Eternal Winter” calamity when the whole surface of the world was covered in glaciers.

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Tuai, a member of a brand-new species descended from dinosaurs and birds, will be in the players’ control. The main character will be able to combine attacks for melee and ranged combat and employ special powers while battling enemies.

Everything seems deliciously ludicrous. The underwater action in the game, where you’ll combine a melee fighting system with ranged attacks and specialized dodge techniques to confront a variety of marine terrors, from considerable sharks to futuristic Mesosaurs, has captured my attention in particular.

The clip shows your Tuai dodging a tremendous tail whip from a giant sea monster and then looking at the camera as the sea monster’s wing-fin tips transform into ice blades. It’s completely absurd, and I wholeheartedly support it.

Project Nimbus and Sumire are among the titles being created by Studio Snowblind, a brand-new independent Japanese studio led by Kei Shibuya.
Real-time combat in Glaciated is dynamic and mixes melee, ranged, and particular strikes. Utilize the strength of the Dinosaur and Tuai Bird lineages and their capacity to regulate heat and cold.