A New Gameplay Trailer For The Strategy Game Humankind Was Shown At The Game Awards

A New Gameplay Trailer For The Strategy Game Humankind Was Shown At The Game Awards
Credit: IGN via YouTube

We’re fresh off The Game Awards, the annual event where gamers around the globe get to see which titles performed the best in various categories. This year, there were also a lot of trailer reveals. Some were to be expected, but then there were others that really took the community by surprise. One of these was for the strategy game Humankind by Amplitude Studious.

The game was originally teased back in August at Gamescom and has since fell off the radar a bit. This latest trailer, featuring gameplay, should reignite that spark fortunately. Examining the gameplay trailer in further detail, we get an idea of some of the stories you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing firsthand. It starts back during early civilization, when human beings were simply hunters and gatherers. As the times change, so does your civilization.

It then goes into your lands being invaded. This was customary back in the day when resources were limited. We then see battles take place in different domains, including by land and sea. It appears there are numerous threats you’ll have to brace your colony for.

After the bevvy of battles, the narrator remarks that the different civilizations found peace and actually started living together. It is here where your colony can learn new cultures and move forward as a melting pot of different ideas and beliefs, but still united. Going from war to peace seems like a constant cycle you’ll experience in Humankind. That’s what makes this strategy game really stand out from others in this space.

In terms of the gameplay, it looks pretty great. There seems like endless content to enjoy right when you first start out, whether you’re learning from other cultures or waging war to take advantage of resources that are necessary for your colony’s survival. There are over 60 historical cultures you’ll have the pleasure of familiarizing yourself with either again or for the very first time.

Additionally, you’ll get to go from the Bronze Age all the way to modern times. That’s the span of centuries to look forward to. Never before has a game taken this approach to civilization building. There also seems to be like so many ways you can approach developing human civilization as you see fit. There are no wrong answers. Just different paths that will give rise to unique experiences you’ll not soon forget. This latest gameplay trailer really is showing an incredible experience on PC.