A New Fortnite Leak Has Surfaced And Seems To Confirm A New Map, And A Re-Branding As Fortnite: Chapter 2

A New Fortnite Leak Has Surfaced And Seems To Confirm A New Map, And A Re-Branding As Fortnite: Chapter 2
Credit: Epic Games

A new image has surfaced on multiple social media sites about a new piece of artwork that is visible on the Italian version of the iOS App Store. This image has been reported on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube by multiple fans of the game.

With season 10 ending soon, fans of the game are quickly trying to figure out what will be next for the game. PUBG and Call of Duty’s Black Out Modes have been making big changes to help them stand out in a sea of Battle Royale games. Fans have been awaiting any sign from Epic Games of what is to come in the next season of the game.

From the image alone, many fans are drawing exciting conclusions. The artwork clearly shows the three default characters in new clothing staring out at the landscape. There also seems to be a new map in front of them, something different than the evolving world that fans have grown accustomed to.

The city area to the right of the image looks very much like a short small version of Tilted, and a large mountain can be easily seen in the distance. The massive river will also be a new addition to the game splitting the map into chunks and adding little islands in the mix.

What is exciting, most fans is the small boats on the river. This will be the first aquatic vehicle in the game, adding a new level of transportation to the competitive shooter. Although Black Out has played with boat warfare in the past, Fortnite has stayed to more alternative means of travel.

There has been no confirmation from Epic Games so far. This could be a new map, a new island, or the same island simply changed for a different timeline. No one knows for sure until Fortnite’s “The End” live event this Sunday.

This event is different as they normally take place a day or two before the end of the season. This one has scheduled directly on the moment that Epic switches the servers off for the following season’s patches.

New-season brings new files and, of course, a new battle pass. Fans are excited for whatever is in store as players get closer and closer to the end of Season 10. This could be a new chapter opening up in the ever-growing history of Fortnite, or simply an accidental leak of a test image never meant to go live.