A Horror Game Played In Reverse: Carrion Lets Players Be The Monster Wreaking Havoc For Once

A Horror Game Played In Reverse: Carrion Lets Players Be The Monster Wreaking Havoc For Once
Credit: PlayStation Universe via YouTube

Phobia Game Studio has done an excellent job at living up to their name and proved that they can deliver an exhilarating and creepy experience. For those that enjoy retro-style video games and are fans of the creepy and mysterious then Carrion is the game that you’ve been waiting for.

Horror games are already some of the most frightening and most fun games to play, but Carrion takes it one step further by adding a very unique quality to the game. Carrion is actually a reverse horror game. Meaning that instead of being the helpless or nearly helpless human running for your life, you will actually possess the qualities of the horrifying monster and get to be the one doing all of the terrorizing.

The game’s monster, or in this case the player, has been imprisoned and upon escaping wants nothing more than to seek vengeance on those that have held them captive. The further into the game you get and the more of the facility that is ripped to shreds, and people terrorized the more the monster will grow and develop, gaining new powers and abilities as the gameplay continues.

The stylings of Carrion are that of a retro video game and feature very bold and electrifying colors that you would expect from a game that tells the story of an angry alien monster seeking revenge.

The game’s teaser trailer which was released at E3 2019, does a great job at painting the storyline’s picture for viewers. The trailer tells the story from the very beginning at the point when the alien breaks loose in the facility and begins seeking revenge on the scientists within its nearest range.

After breaking free from the room that it was confined in the alien then begins to make its way throughout the facility, destroying everyone and everything within its path along the way. The entire time the alien monster is wreaking havoc it is also shown growing larger as well as more powerful.

There aren’t a lot of video games that give players the opportunity to take the vantage point of the monster and Carrion does an excellent job of making even the biggest and most terrifying alien monsters something that players will be able to feel compassion for. There is no absolute and official release date for Carrion as of yet, though it has been stated that it will be released sometime in the year 2020.