A Double Discount Sale On The PS Store Has Made Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Very Cheap For PS Plus Members

A Double Discount Sale On The PS Store Has Made Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Very Cheap For PS Plus Members
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Right now on the PlayStation Store, there is a phenomenal Double Discount sale going on. It’s slashing the prices off some pretty great games. You can save money even if you’re not a PlayStation Plus member, but if you are, then you can save double. It’s rare that a deal like this comes around, so when it does, it’s worth jumping at the offer.

One of the better offerings right now is on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided by Eidos Montreal. If you’re a PS Plus member, you can get it for a low $4.50. That’s practical nothing for one of the better futuristic RPGs on the market right now. It’s a sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which was received well for its augment system and beautiful environments.

The sequel improves upon these successful elements in spectacular fashion. This is the definitive Deus Ex game of this generation. Never before have you been able to upgrade the game’s main protagonist — Adam Jensen — like you can in this game. You start out with a few enhanced capabilities, but after spending more time with this game, you’ll unlock a bevvy of noteworthy skills.

Playing around with them never gets old from start to finish. The system keeps you coming back for more abilities as a way to have more successful in the field. The skills you decide to unlock and upgrade depend entirely on how you wish to approach the game.

For example, if you like taking a more stealthy approach, there are plenty of augments for hiding your character and hacking into nearby terminals. Or, you may like hitting opponents with everything you have right away. In this case, you can arm yourself with incredible weapons and boost your shields.

There are no limits as far as Jensen’s capabilities go. He even has hidden augments that were not available in the previous installment. Thus, you’ll have plenty of ways to approach gameplay depending on your particular preferences.

The story can be a bit convoluted at times. There are a lot of cover-ups at play, and at times, it can be hard keeping track of the game’s main plot points. Still, the game makes up for this complexity with its gameplay and beautiful environments. The city of Prague is a wonderful world to explore throughout your time with the game.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an amazing RPG, and for just $4.50, you’re getting a lot of value.