A Double Discount Sale Is Happening Right Now That Has Made Remedy’s Control Much Cheaper For PS Plus Members

A Double Discount Sale Is Happening Right Now That Has Made Remedy’s Control Much Cheaper For PS Plus Members
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The PlayStation Store is such a great platform to visit for PS4 users as there are deals on a consistent basis. This is particularly true if you have a PS Plus membership. For a low monthly charge, you’ll gain access to great discounts on a lot of incredible games.

Right now, the store is having a Double Discount Sale — which has made Remedy’s Control much cheaper. For a limited time, you can get this unique action-adventure game for $42. That’s not a bad discount given the game is still going for $59.99. If you take PlayStation up on their offer, you’re in store for a pretty unique and memorable journey.

Control is about the Federal Bureau of Control, which is an organization tasked with studying and managing paranormal/dark activity. You play as Jesse Faden; she’s just taken a new position as Director of this secret U.S. government agency.

Instead of traversing through different worlds and cities, your adventures revolve around one place: The Oldest House. Don’t let its appearances deceive you. What looks like a worn down and ordinary building on the outside is actually host to never-ending hallways, rooms, and corridors on the interior.

Remedy Entertainment did a phenomenal job at making the Oldest House expansive and keeping gameplay fresh, despite the fact that this game occurs in one location. Control also has a very Metro/Castlevania vibe to it in that you’ll be doing a lot of backtracking. There are areas you’ll see quite a bit, whether you’re trying to find clues or looking for hidden items to give you a strategic advantage against the paranormal entities teaming this building.

There is a lot of great content as far as main and side missions go. You’ll have fun explore the hidden secrets and figuring out what exactly happened before you arrived. The main story is good, but a lot of players are raving about the side missions. They pit you against some unsavory, difficult bosses, who will test your limits.

Remedy didn’t leave you hanging in the resources department, though. You get to use a Service Weapon, which can change forms and fulfill a lot of different purposes. It’s kind of nice not having to worry about collecting a bunch of guns. Instead, you have just one that you’ll be upgrading throughout your journey.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Control, this Double Discount is the perfect opportunity to save some money and experience one of the more distinct games of the year.