A Battle Royale Spin-Off For The Division By Ubisoft Is Apparently In The Works

A Battle Royale Spin-Off For The Division By Ubisoft Is Apparently In The Works
Credit: pacgamer

The podcast’s next episode is Jeff Grubbs Game Mess whats in the works, according to note-tainted writer and insider Jeff Grubb. Another battle royale is still available from Ubisoft, set in The Division‘s world. In addition, this project has already been shelved before.

Grubb claimed that the massive conflict has to be its own game under Reaper. The project was deferred last year after a test group of players criticized the project’s initial advancements.

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Grubb’s sources claim that after production picked back up, Reaper was enlarged and given some roguelike features.

In addition to the battle royale set in the world of The Division, Ubisoft is getting ready to release The Division Resurgence for mobile devices and The Division: Heartland, a shareware shooter with survival features.

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A hypothetical battle royale game already has a strong foundation in the Division franchise. Conversely, the Division differs from typical battle royale games in that it emphasizes third-person shooter action, which may help the title stand out in a crowded genre. Additionally, the Division games have an excellent collection of gameplay elements and satisfying mobility and gunplay.

According to Grubb, Ubisoft is eager to develop its popular battle royale game. This would enable the business to compete with Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. A day after canceling its shareware shooter, Ghost Recon Frontline, Ubisoft said it was working on another game.

With The Division, Ubisoft appears already to have a winning formula for a combat royale. The post-apocalyptic setting of the franchise is also an excellent fit for the style. A battle royale game may achieve the success that Ubisoft seeks if the developers can build on the franchise’s outstanding foundation.

Ubisoft is also engaged in several other projects in the interim. In addition to developing an AAAA Avatar game, the firm will disclose the next Assassin’s Creed shortly. The Division battle royale will be another new game in the French gaming company’s enormous catalog.