2K Reveals Teaser Trailer For NBA 2K20, Game Reportedly Getting Three Brand New Features Upon Release

2K Reveals Teaser Trailer For NBA 2K20, Game Reportedly Getting Three Brand New Features Upon Release
Credit: 2K Sports via YouTube

On Monday, developer 2K showed the first teaser trailer for the upcoming NBA 2K20 game, which is currently scheduled to be released on September 6. In the trailer, they revealed the game’s two cover athletes. For the Legend Edition of the game, the cover star will be the recently retired Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade. As for the Standard and Deluxe Editions, well, the cover star for those will be Los Angeles Lakers power forward/center, Anthony Davis.

If you haven’t seen the very short teaser trailer for NBA 2K20, you can check it out in the video below.

While the trailer didn’t show much of anything, it did reveal that, for the first time ever, the NBA 2K series will feature teams and players from the WNBA. Of course, this probably means that players will now be able to start a career mode as a WNBA star. On top of that, players will likely be able to take their female characters online via the neighborhood or the Jordan Rec Center.

The upcoming NBA 2K20 will apparently have three new features upon release, with the first one being better ball handling via a new, comprehensive physics system. On top of this, due to the newly implemented inverse kinematics system, the game’s AI players will have an increased awareness of the ball and will react more naturally to what happens on the court.

NBA 2K20 also promises to have improved and more realistic player animations, which is something that the studio aims to do every single year. Obviously, this year is no exception, as 2K continues to do everything they can to create the most realistic basketball simulation on the market today. Also, players will have better-looking dunks when the game drops this coming September.

As many NBA 2K players already know, microtransactions have been a huge part of the series in recent years, as it’s almost necessary to purchase the game’s virtual currency using real money to compete against others online. So far, there hasn’t been any word on what 2K20’s microtransactions will look like, but they will be included in the upcoming game.

So far, the developer hasn’t mentioned any significant changes to the annual title in terms of game modes, so it’s realistic to expect a similar experience to 2K19 when 2K20 is officially released on September 6. Obviously, the game will be available for all of the major platforms when it becomes available in just over two months.