2K Gives First Look At WWE Superstar Entrances In WWE 2K20, Samoa Joe And Buddy Murphy Featured

2K Gives First Look At WWE Superstar Entrances In WWE 2K20, Samoa Joe And Buddy Murphy Featured
Credit: 2K

Now that we’re a little under two months away from the release of WWE 2K20, developer 2K has been rolling out tons of new content that will be included in the game upon its release. However, while they’ve revealed quite a bit about the in-game modes, they haven’t shown any footage from the game itself.

On Friday, 2K finally showed off a bit of in-game footage via two superstar entrances: Samoa Joe and Buddy Murphy. Of course, all that was shown was the entrances, as the developers decided to not show any actual in-match gameplay from their annual pro wrestling game.

You can check out both of the recently released entrances for Buddy Murphy and Samoa Joe below.

2K also recently revealed all of the matches for the Towers mode, which will feature former WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. In it, players will go through all of the most famous matches from Reigns’ career, including his multiple bouts with Brock Lesnar. The mode will also feature a few matches from his time in The Shield, even though Dean Ambrose, who is now wrestling for AEW under the name Jon Moxley, is no longer with the company.

The game will also feature the Showcase mode, which will feature the rise of WWE’s Four Horsewomen: Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks. The mode will take players back to their early NXT days, and it’ll end with Becky Lynch, who is one of the game’s two cover stars along with Roman Reigns, getting her two belts in the main event of WrestleMania 34.

The biggest question regarding this year’s WWE 2K video game is centered around the General Manager mode, which hasn’t been featured in a wrestling game since WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008. As of right now, 2K hasn’t said anything about the GM mode returning in their upcoming release, but WWE star Xavier Woods, who is heavily involved in the game’s promotion, recently teased that he might have “good news” in the future regarding the return of the mode.

Because it’s been over ten years since the General Manager mode has been featured in a WWE video game, it’s possible that 2K could release it as paid DLC and/or make it part of the game’s season pass. Of course, it’d be much more well-received by the players if they released it as a core part of the game at no extra charge.