100 Thieves Finalizes Roster For Upcoming League Of Legends Championship Series

100 Thieves Finalizes Roster For Upcoming League Of Legends Championship Series
Credit: 100 Thieves via YouTube

Shaky offseason for the League of Legend teams, outside of the contender for the championship, everyone has significant roster moves.

100 Thieves were the first to announce the departure of Head-Coach Prolly and the acquisition of Zikz from TSM and Papasmithy as a General Manager.

100 Thieves retained only the top laner from the previous season, after having a rough split. Fans should not be disappointed though, the organization brought back familiar faces from the inception of the team, such as Meteos and Cody Sun. Both players helped the team reach the 2018 World Championship by reaching the top standings of the LCS season.

Stunt, the support, is known from the Academy League, he was subbed into the main roster a couple of times, so fans know about him already. The only unknown player remains to be the mid-laner. Tommy ‘ry0ma’ Le is coming from the Oceanic Pro League. His most recent team was the Oceanic Pro League Bombers team, which has won the OPL 2019 Split in April.

The 20-year-old prodigy has competed in only one international event, the 2019 MSI, where his team finished top 12. He made his debut in 2017 alongside the current Golden Guardian AD Carry Viktor ‘FBI’ Huang.

‘We selected ry0ma because he ticked all boxes, such as high baseline of skill, English first language of communication, performance above expectations in tryouts and good references,’ said the General Manager of 100 Thieves, Papasmithy in a tweet.

The first rumors were regarding Froggen possibly joining the team or Damonte, but in the end, 100 Thieves decided to go with the OPL prodigy. The rebuild for the current season seems promising, especially considering the synergy between the jungler and ADC from the previous iteration of 100 Thieves.

Compared to other roster changes, the 100 Thieves might not look like the brightest, by going for star players and spending a fortune, they built a mixed roster of veterans and rookies. Hopefully, this will be enough for the unstoppable forces from other squads with their rebuilds, such as Immortals, Team Solo Mid & Team Liquid.

The predictions are for 100 Thieves to end up as a middle-of-the-pack team unless Ry0ma and Stunt show extraordinary performances. While Ssumday looked great in his debut for 100 Thieves, he recently has fallen off; it could be due to the coaching staff or due to individual skill ceiling, we will see in the upcoming season.

Stay tuned for more roster changes in the offseason in the League of Legends scene.