Zikz Announced As The New Head Coach For 100 Thieves League Of Legends Team

Zikz Announced As The New Head Coach For 100 Thieves League Of Legends Team
Credit: 100 Thieves via YouTube

With the end of the competitive season 2019 of League of Legends, roster changes for multiple teams started happening across all regions.

One recent and spontaneous change was the announcement TSM parting ways with Zikz. Thirty minutes later, a tweet is made by the 100 Thieves announcing their new head coach, Zikz, who had recently parted ways with TSM.

Tony ‘Zikz’ Gray started his career with Counter Logic Gaming as an analyst after writing detailed analysis posts on one of the popular social media: Reddit. Zikz worked with CLG for a couple of years, having mixed results, before being approached after the Worlds Championship 2018 by Team Solo Mid.

Team Solo Mid has failed to reach the 2018th World Championship under the direction of Kim ‘Ssong’ Sang-soo and Parth Naidu, having one of the worst years since the inception of the organization. As a result, during their restructuring, they approached Zikz, to be their Head Coach for the upcoming 2019 season.

With a new coach and players, TSM launched into the 2019th season with glory. But during their games, the same issues as before could be seen. A combination of bad communication in-game combined with coin-flip behavior from the players, has sent TSM into uncertainty. They failed both Spring and Summer 2019 splits and as a result, were not able to attend the Worlds Championship once again.

With the recent changes to 100 Thieves organization, it is no surprise that they picked up Zikz, considering that the organization has recently let go of the former Head Coach, Prolly. Perhaps, they realize that the failure of TSM Spring and Summer season is not directly correlated to the actions of the Head Coach.

With Papasmithy becoming the General Manager for 100 Thieves and leaving the caster job of the League Champions Korea, many fans of the team expected positive changes. There were multiple criticisms towards Prolly for his weak drafting phases, which have happened during the games in the LCS Summer season.

Zikz joining as a Head Coach is just the beginning, and everyone might witness some significant changes within the roster of the team as well.

As per the latest rumors, the roster changes taking place within 100 Thieves, according to insiders in the LCS are: Bang is remaining with 100 Thieves while Ssumday is considering leaving the organization and possibly going back to Korea.

On the 18th of November, a live stream of the famous journalist, Jacob Wolf will take place where he will reveal multiple roster changes, stay tuned for more information in the upcoming days!