You Have Until September 16 To Buy This Exotic Pieces From Xur On Destiny 2

You Have Until September 16 To Buy This Exotic Pieces From Xur On Destiny 2
Credit: Ebontis via YouTube

It’s that time once again when the elusive Xur rears his mysterious face to sell exotic pieces on Destiny 2.

For Destiny 2 fans, facing the item merchant is always something to look forward to. Those who have money to buy items would really have a grand time buying exotic pieces from Xur.

After the Forsaken update, it’s much harder to locate Xur because he could no longer be found on your director. This week, Xur can be found on a small shack on Titan, just east of The Rig.

And here are the exotic pieces that you can buy from the merchant this week:

  • The Dragon’s Shadow (Hunter Chest)
  • Isochronal Engram
  • Invitation Quest
  • Chromatic Fire (Warlock Chest)
  • Coldheart (a trace rifle coated in ice)
  • Hallowfire Heart (Titan Chest)

Out of those pieces, the Isochronal Engram will cost you the most as Xur is charging 97 Legendary Shards. The next most expensive on the list is the trace rifle (29 Legendary Shards). The Dragon’s Shadow, Chromatic Fire, and Hallowfire Heart cost 23 Legendary Shards each.

Meanwhile, you need to fork over 9 Legendary Shards if you want to take advantage of the Invitation Quest.

As Destiny 2 fans know, the Coldheart was an exclusive trace gun that you can get if you pre-order. It was launched in December last year along with the Curse of Osiris content. Since it’s a trace rifle, the damage is inflicted from the Arc beam.

But you can ramp up the damage by enabling the Longest Winter. The damage stays as long as it’s locked on the target.

The Isochronal Engram is expensive, but it’s very helpful, especially if you have a missing item on your inventory. The Fated Engram will morph into an exotic item. However, it’s not clear what happens if you already have all Exotic pieces in your collection.

It’s a precious exotic item, indeed. Bungie, however, is putting a cap of one Fated Engram that you can get from Xur each week.

The Chromatic Fire, meanwhile, is an exotic that was introduced in Forsaken. You would get a kick of its perk, the Crystalline Transistor. A precision kill will trigger an elemental explosion similar to the Dragonfly perk. You would love to have this piece if you are surrounded by the enemy.

For those who haven’t had their Invitation Quest yet, this is their chance to do it for 9 Legendary Shards.