You Can Unlock Spyro The Dragon In Stray Using A Mod

You Can Unlock Spyro The Dragon In Stray Using A Mod
Credit: pcgamer

The new Stray mod makes the dragon Spyro the main character instead of a kitty adventuring in a dystopian metropolis.

Spyro’s addition to Stray appears to be a fairly straightforward mod. He incorporates some of the noises and movements from the Spyro game series in addition to the altered character model.

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To respond to this query, a modder by the name of MrMarco1003 simply dropped the model of Spyro from his classic home games with Spyro in the title into Stray. The outcomes are shockingly outstanding.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d assume Spyro’s cartoonish appearance and four-legged stature were created specifically for Stray. Instead, Spyro’s purple scales mysteriously merge into Stray’s reality almost as perfectly as the main character’s orange fur, and the movements seamlessly switch from Stray’s feline frontman to Spyro.

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MrMarco1003’s life’s work appears to be adding Spyro mods to games that don’t already have Spyro. They’ve even produced mods that export the character into Resident Evil 3 and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, where he turns into a rocket launcher. Of then, they’ve also created a version that swaps out Nemesis from RE3 for Shrek, so who am I to dispute the whims of a genius?

At PCG, we gave Stray an extremely high rating of 82 percent and said throughout the game, “playing a cat never ceases to be a joy.” Others appear to agree, and they’ve made it into a hub for all sorts of amusing and unusual modding projects ever since. If things continue the way they are, Stray will soon be forgotten as the owner of a cat.

The Spyro the Dragon mod appears to be one of the most comprehensive, transforming the main character into a brand-new species in addition to a different animal. It goes without saying that the Spyro mod does not alter the outcome or set of the Stray campaign. All it does is provide smiles to fans.