Yacht Mechanic Simulator Is Headed To PC From PlayWay And Image Power Within The Near Future

Yacht Mechanic Simulator Is Headed To PC From PlayWay And Image Power Within The Near Future
Credit: Image Power via Youtube

For fans who enjoyed Car Mechanic Simulator, this upcoming title is targeted right for you. Get ready for some boat powered action as you bring your box of tools to Yacht Mechanic Simulator. This title allows players to transform old boats into luxury yachts. Start your own business and turn it into a successful company as you work one yacht at a time.

This title has been announced via a trailer distributed by Image Power. It gives a good look into the work done within the game. If you are ready to turn these old boats into money-making machines, then this title is a one-way ticket to a bright and luxurious future.

Yacht Mechanic Simulator is the best combination possible between Car Mechanic Simulator and House Flipper. Combine your skills from both and create the best yacht business possible.

Players will repair the old boats in two stages. They start with the Mechanical Stage, where they take care fo the inside parts of the machine. This is where they deal with the engine or timing belts and fine-tune the boat for better operation. The second stage is where they take care of the visual look of the vessel. Players will have to make decisions pertaining to the design of the yacht.

As a professional boatbuilder, it is your job to make sure the yacht is complete inside and out. Luxury has no limits as players will craft yachts of many shapes and sizes. Every client will want something different, so make sure to manage not only your own talent but also the reputation of your brand. Only through careful planning can you sell these luxury items to your very special clients.

All repairs made within the game will force you to make important decisions. From replacing an engine to upgrading it, or dealing with a damaged hull, you must make choices based on personal preference and the budget restricting the project.

Not only do you get to renovate the boats, but you can also take them out on the sea and enjoy your hard work. Your workshop will give you access to tons of different boats, making you the king of the boat building business.

Yach Mechanic Simulator is available on PC through Steam. The game does have a learning curve to it, but once you have made it past your first boat, it should be smooth sailing. For more information, check out the games main website where the developers have tons available on this and their other simulator games.