XCOM: Chimera Squad Releases On April 24 And Is Elevating The Series In New Ways

XCOM: Chimera Squad Releases On April 24 And Is Elevating The Series In New Ways
Credit: XCOM via YouTube

The XCOM series has built a cult-like following throughout the years. It’s one of the most popular turn-based series to date, featuring fast-paced action and hours of fun content. The last installment was XCOM 2, which debuted in 2016 and was highly regarded for its post-apocalyptic setting and unpredictable battle scenarios.

It has been 4 years since that game released and fans are getting anxious for the next chapter. Well, it’s coming sooner rather than later. XCOM: Chimera Squad is the next entry and although it’s not a direct sequel, it definitely will please turn-based enthusiasts who’ve waited for the next XCOM experience. Amazingly, it’s releasing next week (April 24) strictly for PC.

That’s incredibly soon for a game that hasn’t received a ton of spotlight or trailers leading up to its release. Make no mistake, though. There will be a wave of die-hard fans flocking to it right out of the gate. So what exactly is XCOM: Chimera Squad and how will it differ from previous installments? Let’s find out.

According to the game’s description, it’s taking place five years after the events in XCOM 2. It revolves around a team of veteran soldiers who’re tasked with keeping the peace after Advent fell. Interestingly enough, the veteran team of soldiers includes both humans and alien species. That should give rise to unique battle scenarios, especially in terms of the alien species’ special powers.

According to 2K, this spin-off is elevating the series in new ways. That includes new tactics and features, such as breach-and clear systems. There are a lot of changes coming with this next installment, but one that stands out right away is the pace.

Players will have limited ability to alter the turn order as the rounds progress. That should make for an interesting twist and give die-hard fans something new to master. Even though XCOM: Chimera Squad is taking a slightly new direction, it still looks like a lot of fun. The added difficulty should give turn-based strategy veterans the chance to test out their skills like never before.

It’s great to see the XCOM series back after several years of inactivity. If this game is successful, you can bet that future installments will follow. Who knows? Maybe we’ll eventually get an official XCOM 3? The franchise is beloved by many and it’s clear there is a huge demand for these more difficult strategy games. For now, XCOM: Chimera Squad seems like a worthy offering.