Xbox Game Pass Subscribers On PC Can Play The Outer Worlds For The First Time In October

Xbox Game Pass Subscribers On PC Can Play The Outer Worlds For The First Time In October
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Xbox Game Pass has been another amazing platform that PC users can take advantage of when accessing great games. All that’s required is a monthly payment and access to the internet. In seconds, PC gamers can play an amazing lineup of games and the library is updated every month.

For the month of October, an amazing game coming to the platform is The Outer Worlds. If you like exploration and different planets, this action-adventure RPG is worth your time. It was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, who you might remember for making Fallout: New Vegas.

Like most RPGs, you’ll have the chance to create a unique character. There are many ways you can customize them, from their cosmetics to strengths. How you create your player will determine how the main story plays out. The premise of the game revolves around your character awakening from a deep sleep in space, only to find out that a major conspiracy threatens Halcyon colony.

Representing this colony, you explore the outer edges of space where you’ll come in contact with all sorts of unique characters. Going from planet to planet is an incredible time that leaves you with so much anticipation of what else is to come. Obsidian Entertainment did a great job at giving the environments in this game a unique flair. Every world is different and so are the creatures that inhabitant them. You never really know what sort of alien race you’ll come in contact with next.

What keeps you constantly involved in this game is the choice design. Everything you decide to do will have an affect on the story in some capacity. It may involve friends you make close relationships with or how your character approaches combat. Every decision has added weight that you actually care about.

The companion system also makes you care about what happens in The Outer Worlds. Along your space journeys, you’ll have the ability to recruit various companions. Each has distinct skills and personalities. It’s completely up to you who you bring along your journey. Once on board the team, you can help these companions complete missions that are central to their character arc.

This heavy-hitter is one of the better games that has come to the Xbox Game Pass platform for PC in quite some time. If you don’t already have a membership, all you have to pay is $4.99 a month. That’s not too bad of a deal.