WWE 2K20 Adds New Post-Apocalyptic DLC Expansion Called Wasteland Wanderers

WWE 2K20 Adds New Post-Apocalyptic DLC Expansion Called Wasteland Wanderers
Credit: 2K

It’s been an awful last few months for WWE 2K20, as the game has regularly been plagued with bugs and glitches since it was released back in October. Since then, the developers have fixed some of the bugs, but the game is still far from perfect, as it’s widely considered to be the worst entry in the history of 2K’s annual pro wrestling game.

However, even though the game has a ton of issues, 2K Sports is continuing to add new content to it, and their latest expansion added a new post-apocalyptic mode called Wasteland Wanderers.

The new DLC pack, which is part of the 2K Originals series, added two new sets, four new story towers, new wrestlers, and new weapons. Additionally, the expansion adds a new showcase mode, in which Seth Rollins, who is renamed Seth the Wanderer, gets invited to a post-apocalyptic city where he must fight to gain his freedom by eventually taking out its overlord, Samoa Joe.

Here’s the list of every new wrestler that is a part of the Wasteland Wanderers expansion.

  • Seth the Wanderer
  • Overlord Samoa Joe
  • The Gatekeeper Baron Corbin
  • Fortune Fighter Ali
  • Grand Champion Batista
  • Advocate Jack Gallagher
  • Warrior Ruby Riott
  • Raider Velveteen Dream

And you can check out the trailer for WWE 2K20’s newest expansion in the video below.

After the release of WWE 2K20, it was reported that some of 2K’s devs quit the company, as they were trying to distance themselves from what might be the most disastrous AAA game of the current generation.

Justin Leeper, who is a former writer for WWE’s SmackDown vs. Raw series, claimed that a double-digit amount of people had left 2K after their annual pro wrestling game was released, which, according to him, has never happened at any point in the past.

“2K and the people within it are trying to distance themselves from it,” said Leeper over on his YouTube channel. “I’ve heard about double-digit people who were on the team who have quit. They haven’t left for other stuff, they just quit because, ‘Man, I don’t want this stink on me anymore.’”

He also claimed that the company is going to cut the budget for WWE 2K21 because of the negativity surrounding 2K20. Leeper also said that the game’s sales weren’t good, which is another reason why the budget is getting cut. So, the next WWE game, which will presumably be released in October, could end up being even worse than its predecessor.