WoW: Classic Will Have Awaited Dungeon Dire Maul Added Earlier Than Expected On October 15th

WoW: Classic Will Have Awaited Dungeon Dire Maul Added Earlier Than Expected On October 15th
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Blizzard recently released a look into their upcoming patch for World of Warcraft! This look into patch 8.3 gave a number of insights for fans and players to delve into and dissect, as well as some promises of long-awaited additions to both Battle for Azeroth and Classic WoW.

Among those promises comes the long-awaited arrival of the time-honored dungeon players love to hate, the famous Dire Maul.

Without delving too deep into the lore of Dire Maul, the city was originally a Highborne city named Eldre’Thalasthat fell from grace and was eventually taken over by numerous baddies. Like a few other dungeons, such as Scarlet Monastary, Dire Maul holds multiple dungeons within itself, taking the form of different wings and sections of the ruined city. Through these wings, players encounter a range of enemies, from squatting ogres, to demonic satyrs, and to the ghosts of the Highborne elves that perished within the city.

Due to essentially being three dungeons with similar themes, Dire Maul is well-known among players due to being useful at a long stretch of levels. While other dungeons have a single level range, Dire Maul’s different wings can be of use to players starting in the mid-thirties and ending in the high-forties. For Classic, that range of leveling is invaluable to avoid having to grind out a level beating up hippogryphs in Feralas or seemingly millions of raptors somewhere in southern Stranglethorn Vale.

Some players are worried by Dire Maul arriving so soon, as it was originally planned to be released with the second phase of the Classic release. Along with this second phase would be the honor system for Player-vs-Player combat and a few more features. In the look in, game director Ion announced that Dire Maul would be released sooner than the first release date, coming now in a week from writing this!

“While we originally had this phase two plan that was going to be Dire Maul dungeon, world bosses, and the honor system for PvP, I’m happy to announce we’re going to break Dire Maul out separately and get it out as soon as possible,” Ion said in the release. What’s missing, clearly, is the explanation for why the content is coming out faster?

The obvious answer is, who cares? Players are getting much-desired content sooner than expected! So get to practicing those speedrunning paths and prepare to dodge imp patrols again – we’re going back to Dire Maul!