World Of Warcraft Encourages PvP Content With This Week’s Battlegrounds Bonus Event

World Of Warcraft Encourages PvP Content With This Week’s Battlegrounds Bonus Event
Credit: PicturePlane via YouTube

Blizzard does what they can to keep their endgame content fresh through weekly cycling events. Each Tuesday brings a server reset, setting once-a-week content back to its original state and bringing a new weekly event.

These events can range through quite a few different options – bonuses to battle pets, dungeons, and world quest reputation rewards. This week’s bonus brings a bonus to Battlegrounds, helping the community focus on PvP content.

“All this week, heading to the Battlegrounds will net you some extra Honor along with bonus loot for completing this week’s quest,” Blizzard writes. To sign up for the event, players need only queue for a Battleground and reap the rewards.

Of course, there’s more than just bonuses for Battlegrounds coming. Blizzard is also implementing a few bonuses that you can complete while you do the Battlegrounds, significantly increasing the available rewards.

For starters, you’ll definitely want to see the Chroniclers in Zulduzar and Boralus, depending on your faction. Shoopa and Toopa will offer you a special quest that rewards you with 5 bonus Marks of Honor and a Radiant Azerite Core for winning four Battlegrounds.

The same quest can be picked up through your Adventure Guide if you don’t want to head out there to see the Chroniclers directly. Whether you have the quest or not, you’ll still earn 50% more Honor in Battlegrounds.

The following twelve Battlegrounds are part of the event:

  • Alterac Valley
  • Arathi Basin
  • Ashran
  • Battle for Gilneas
  • Battle for Wintergrasp
  • Deepwind Gorge
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Isle of Conquest
  • Seething Shore
  • Silvershard Mines
  • Temple of Kotmogu
  • Twin peaks
  • Warsong Gulch

As the list shows, Battlegrounds are the only content being targeted with this bonus – World PvP via Warmode and Arenas are completely unaffected by the event, despite also being PvP content.

This event also won’t be affecting the Classic servers in any way, as is to be expected by the nature of the client. Given that Classic is meant to be as close to the original Vanilla servers as possible, Blizzard keeps these events restricted to the Battle for Azeroth servers entirely.

The Battlegrounds event will be continuing throughout the week, so you have plenty of time to reap as many benefits as you can. With the server reset coming next Tuesday, as per usual, the event will then move onto something else instead. If you lose track of the events, check the in-game calendar or the Adventure Guide to see what’s coming next so you can plan accordingly.