World Of Warcraft: Classic Is Getting Their First Noblegarden Easter Event Tomorrow

World Of Warcraft: Classic Is Getting Their First Noblegarden Easter Event Tomorrow
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

If there’s one thing that World of Warcraft knows how to do, it’s celebrate holidays! Plenty of real-world holidays have an event they’ve inspired in the game, and with the holiday of Easter approaching, Noblegarden is coming as well.

Just as a probably-unnecessary side-note, it’s worth saying that Noblegarden doesn’t take the religious roots of Easter into consideration. While the real holiday might be based in the Christian story of Jesus Christ, the World of Warcraft version is based in the tradition of a giant rabbit hiding eggs, which is a bit more inclusionary for those that don’t really want to drop real-world religion into their fantasy RPGs.

It’s also worth saying that this is for the Classic client, which is much, much more stripped back. As the game moved on, Blizzard expanded on holidays and added more in, but since this is the version that was originally in the game, there really isn’t too much to it.

The event begins on April 12th, and players will spend the holiday hunting for Brightly Colored Eggs. These eggs will provide rewards, such as containing candy inside that increases stamina and spirit by 2 for 10 minutes – a useful if seemingly-minor buff. There are also a few cosmetic items you can find inside.

These rare items are purely cosmetic, made up of the Noblegarden outfit: White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants for those that want a formal look, or an Elegant Dress for those that want to add a bit of fancy to their wardrobe.

These items don’t have any useful stats – or any stats at all, really. You likely won’t be downing Onyxia with your Noblegarden rewards, but that doesn’t mean there’s no practical use with them. The clothes that you can find, for example, have a low drop chance and aren’t bind-on-pickup. That means that, if you’re lucky enough to get them, you can probably sell them on the Auction House for a good price.

If you check the Auctions and don’t like what you see, you can always hold onto them until they’re out of season and much rarer. This’ll let you name a higher price, but it’s a risky gambit that can end up with no one interested in your out-of-season garments.

Given that it’s based on Easter, the event won’t be active for very long. In fact, it’ll only be active for April 12th, beginning at midnight server time and ending at midnight server time. If you want to grab as many rewards as possible, make sure you’re ready to hunt for eggs on the 12th or you won’t be able to enjoy any of the festivities at all!