World Of Tanks Has Cancelled April Fools Day And Its Classic Game Can Be Played

World Of Tanks Has Cancelled April Fools Day And Its Classic Game Can Be Played

Microsoft’s not alone in swearing off the jokers this coming April Fools’ Day, and there might be a lot of them. Wargaming promised there won’t be mediocre jokes on April 1 and they have plans. Gamers have the option to play the game like it’s the World of Tanks Classic.

Beginning this day, Wargaming has started World of Tanks, and it’s like going back in time, and those who are longing for the good old days will have a good time.

The game will have numerous updates. There will also be an immersive overhaul since the last big update of 2011. Fans should expect things would be pretty special.

Fans need to battle from their tanks from the original countries, which are USSR, USA, and Germany. The tanks will challenge physics because they can hang off from rocks and bridges so they won’t roll downhill. Artillery won’t be able to stun them. There’s no 6th sense, and the light tanks will come on tracks only.

The equipment and premium are more affordable. Gamers will have credits, gold, and free XP, which they can spend in the classic mode. Those who’ll play will gain a special style that has an emblem and inscription.

Wargaming has done something similar last year. It released a temporary and rough battle royale mode. The vintage World of Tanks might not have a strong dose of nostalgia, and it might miss several 1.0 additions. However, it will survive an April Fool’s joke.

Gamers can already download the World of Tanks Classic, and they can play it until April 3rd. World of Tanks and Twitch Prime are back, and there are a lot of extras for its fans, which are available until April 30.

The special loots have a special detail to showcase the real king of the hill; it has a unique streamer headset emblem, which will adorn the tanks; and it has a unique medal for beyond the call service. There are also five huge repair kits, five automatic fire extinguishers, five garage slots, and 250 gold so players can speed up their in-game progression.

The goods might take up to an hour before they’ll be credited to a gamer’s account. Every month, Twitch Prime is giving its members a collection of free PC games.

Besides the free in-game loot for the biggest games in the world and a Twitch premium experience, there’s also a free channel subscription for every 30 days, and it includes emotes and chats colors.

There are a two-week premium tank rentals too. Players can get a good discount when they purchase vehicles at the beginning of the rental period.