Whopping $710 Discount For Purchase Of Dell’s Impressive Alienware M15 Gaming Laptop

Whopping $710 Discount For Purchase Of Dell’s Impressive Alienware M15 Gaming Laptop
Credit: Dell

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this huge discount offered by Dell?

Dell surely surprised the gamers and gaming laptop enthusiasts with their $710 price drop for their M15 Alienware gaming laptop. For a lesser price, gamers can smash power and portability in one powerful and striking laptop.

Gamers and techies who are looking for top-quality gaming laptop will find this device at par with their gaming needs. Currently, it’s only priced at $1,699 from its old price of $2,409.99. Surprisingly, the sale is even happening before Amazon’s Prime Day Computer Sale.

This impressive laptop is powered by GeForce RTX2070 and comes with Intel Core i7 8th-gen processor. Aside from that, it’s also rocking a sole 512GB SSD (M.2) and 16GB RAM. It’s available in Nebula Red, a color which is not fit for those who are looking for subtle-colored devices.

In a few reviews, Alienware M15 has been praised greatly for its exemplary keyboard, longer battery life, and competitive specs. Reviewers also noted that M15 showed performance at par with Razer Blade 15. To recap, the latter is priced at $2,599, a few dollars more compared to M15’s original price. M15 is certainly a prime candidate and clever choice for those who are looking for a high-performing portable gaming device. It provides a reliable and portable gaming opportunity that’s not too budget constraining. As a matter of fact, M15 might just be one of the best portable gaming laptops of the year.

The selling point of this device, aside from the aforementioned, includes the following:

• Thin and lighter structure: It’s actually 20% lighter and 5% thinner compared to Alienware 13. The lightweight and slim design of M15 makes it ideal for mobile users and game players.
• Better visuals with narrow bezels: Dell using their narrow-bezel design technology designs this. It comes with a slimmer laptop frame for better viewing space and crisp visuals.
• Premium Gaming Experience: It’s built from magnesium alloy, so it’s light. It’s also meticulously made to give users maximum performance driven experience.
• Blue Light Tech: It is equipped with Eyesafe-Technology, which means the amount of hazardous blue light that comes from the screen is reduced. You can keep your eye in the game longer without hurting your vision and without screen distortion.

Indeed, the price is justified with all the high-end technology embedded in this device. Those who are interested to buy, it’s limited in number. As of this time, 64% of the total stock inventory has been bought so wait no further!