Which Rune Should Death Knights Use In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands?

Which Rune Should Death Knights Use In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands?
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is getting closer and closer to launch, and we’re closing in on the last few days! Releasing less than two weeks from now on November 23rd, Blizzard has added plenty for players to know.

Recently, Death Knights were given a treat with a handful of new runes for players to toy around with, rather than the somewhat-restrictive list they were given previously. While the new runes are still available, five new ones have been added.

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The new runes are as follows:

  • Rune of Hysteria – Increases maximum Runic Power by 20, grants attacks a chance to increase Runic Power generation by 20% for 8 seconds.
  • Rune of Sanguination – Causes Death Strike to deal increased damage based on the target’s missing health. Also heals you for 48% of your maximum health over 8 seconds when you fall below 35%.
  • Rune of Spellwarding – Deflects 3% of all spell damage with a chance to create a shield that absorbs magic damage equal to 10% of your maximum health. When an enemy damages the shield, their casting speed is reduced by 10%.
  • Rune of Unending Thirst – Grants 10% haste and movement speed and heals for 5% maximum HP when killing an enemy that yields experience or honor. Also increases movement speed while dead by 10%
  • Rune of the Apocalypse – Causes your ghoul’s attacks to apply one of four debuffs to enemies.

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Those five options are powerful, but that isn’t to say that they’re always going to be needed! It’s also important – for Frost Death Knights specifically – to decide if you’ll wield one weapon or two, as the runes can only be put on weapons.

The Rune of the Apocalypse is wonderful for Unholy Death Knights, as their ghoul is significantly more powerful than Frost or Blood Death Knights’. Others may find much less use in the rune in comparison.

Rune of Sanguination, however, will be useful for all three specializations, as would Rune of Hysteria. That said, Sanguination would likely serve a Blood Death Knight best, while Hysteria is universal given that it only increases runic power.

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For Frost, it’s likely that Razorice is still the best choice. The extra weapon damage as well as the increased frost damage debuff that it afflicts against enemies cannot be ignored, but if dual-wielding, having Razorice on one still leaves players open for a rune of their choice!

The Rune of Unending Thirst is generally just utility and won’t quite be optimal for any of them in an endgame environment. That said, players may enjoy it while they’re leveling for the increased speed and constant healing.

Overall, it’s best to try out all of the runes – new and old – and see what it is that you prefer for your playstyle. Specializations and weaponry choices can drastically alter what rune is best for you, so go ahead and give them all a swing before you decide!