What Do We Know So Far About Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2? Has Square Started Working On It?

What Do We Know So Far About Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2? Has Square Started Working On It?
Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake was undoubtedly one of the biggest releases of the year, and it is currently the highest selling PlayStation 4 game of 2020.

With more than 40 hours of epic gameplay, longtime fans of the series have been able to experience the city of Midgar like never before. While many are still blown away by the killer graphics and epic voice acting, questions immediately turn to the next installment of this remake.

Since Square Enix is presenting the remake of Final Fantasy VII in different chapters, many are already wondering when we can expect to see Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2. The project was first announced in 2015 and took a full five years to come to fruition. It’s not likely that the second installment will take quite as long, but it’s still going to take some time.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 (or whatever they’re going to be calling this second installment) is currently under development. In fact, the team was already working on it before the release of the first part.

Game director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed this back in November of 2019, stating, “We’ve already begun working on the next one as well, but I’m confident that playing through this title will expand your expectations just like the world that extends beyond Midgar.”

game producer Yoshinori Kitase has also weighed in on the future of the franchise, stating that he is prepared to work on Final Fantasy VII for the rest of his career. “I think it’s a very important thing,” he said, stating that he is not concerned about committing to the series for the long haul. He went on to say that the team is not taking a break and the Remake project is charging along.

In another interview, Kitase continued to talk about the future of the game, stating, “Its story is far from over. With this first game, we showed how there is great potential for the future, and we included many hints regarding what’s coming next. I’m looking forward to seeing the fans’ theories on social media regarding what could happen now. We will keep in touch with everyone so we can all make this project grow together.”

A Square representative also stated that the groundwork for the future of this series has been laid with Final Fantasy VII Remake and that the team is anticipating a more efficient development for the second game.

This makes sense as the gameplay mechanics are already designed and the team is not working from scratch this time. So, while it likely won’t be another five years until the release of the second chapter, we can rest easy knowing that the development team has been working on this game for at least six months already, if not longer, and are not resting on their laurels.