Week 4, Monday Night League Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin

Week 4, Monday Night League Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

The fourth week of LCS began with the reunited Team Liquid roster with Broxah against Immortals led by former Team Liquid jungler, Xmithie.

LCS is looking to be clearer as well, with Cloud 9 holding the first spot while multiple teams are battling for 2-4th.

Flyquest vs 100 Thieves

Ornn / Trundle / Syndra / Aphelios / Thresh vs Aatrox / Sejuani / Zoe / Xayah / Rakan

The draft was good for both teams. Both teams had clear win conditions and points of the game where they are strong. The game started quite even from both sides, with Flyquest obtaining an early tempo lead via first Dragon and Rift Herald. This small lead allowed them to snowball a lot though, they started taking down towers one after another.

While 100 Thieves tried to reply to their towers dying, they were unable to capitalize on Flyquest movements and kept losing their towers. While they did catch Santorin one time and obtain a kill, they were not able to pick anything out of it.

Flyquest snowballed through their lead and maintained a high tempo pace. Once they reached Ornn items, they were able to push towards 100  Thieves Nexus without pressure. They did not even need to pick up Baron Buff, due to their superior dragon control which gave them Mountain Soul.

Evil Geniuses vs Cloud 9

Renekton / Jarvan / Rumble / Xayah / Rakan vs Aatrox / Gragas / Cassiopeia / Miss Fortune / Leona

While the early game was in favor of Evil Geniuses based on the draft, and mid-game was in favor of Cloud 9, the game went quite different in practice.

Cloud 9 secured a very early advantage for the middle lane and bottom side of the map, which allowed complete Dragon control and tower pressure against Evil Geniuses.

Evil Geniuses can praise themselves for ruining Zvens KDA, who was at the top of KDA standings, outside of that they were lackluster. They were not able to kill a single tower. The game ended with 4 dragons, 2 Rift Heralds, 1 Baron and 9 towers in favor of Cloud 9, while Evil Geniuses were left out to dry.

Cloud 9 has heavily improved during the offseason, the bot lane pick-up of Zven/Vulcan, while strange at the start seemed to have worked out in the end. The team is currently ranked first in NA and is head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. If they keep it up, they have a real shot at the World Championship.

That is all for Week 4 coverage of LCS 2020, stay tuned for more in the upcoming days.