Week 1, Day 1 Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin

Week 1, Day 1 Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin
Credit: LoL Esports VODs and Highlights

LCS Season 2020 is finally live after a long break since Summer 2019.

The season started with a formidable game between reigning local champions, Team Liquid, and Cloud 9, the evergreen organization, which keeps developing talents from the academy on a yearly basis.

Cloud 9 vs Team Liquid

Aatrox / Lee sin / Veigar / Aphelios /Tahm Kench vs. Mordekaiser / Jarvan / Azir / Senna / Thresh.

Both teams started their match with great drafts, with only one questionable pick in Azir for Jensen. While Azir was strong in Season 9, he was left out in Season 10 after receiving multiple nerfs and his counter match-ups were buffed up.

Jensen became a big liability in the game, getting caught multiple times by Veigar cages and allowing Cloud 9 to capitalize and take objectives. While the game was even for around 15 minutes, it spiraled out of control once Blabler from Cloud 9 got Rift Herald. They started pushing towers and Team Liquid couldn’t respond to their pressure. After picking up Baron around 22 minutes, Cloud 9 was able to push and win.

Counter Logic Gaming vs Dignitas

Ornn / Rek’sai / Cassiopeia / Senna / Leona vs. Renekton / Elise / Viktor / Ashe / Tahm Kench

Senna has been prioritized once again. While CLG’s draft was safer, Dignitas pushed the pedal in the early game and Drig pressured every lane like a mad man. His Elise was a treat to watch, he snowballed Huni in the top lane and allowed him to exert pressure on the side lanes once he got going. With Huni uncontestable in the side lanes, CLG was slowly crumbling to the 4-man push from Dignitas.

The rookie Johnsun was formidable and displayed great prowess on the Ashe pick, allowing Dignitas to finish the game without hassle.

100 Thieves vs Golden Guardians

Gangplank / Gragas / Zoe / Miss Fortune / Leona vs. Ornn / Jarvan / Le’Blanc / Varus / Braum

While the game seemed stable at the start, and Golden Guardians were getting early dragons, 100 Thieves was slowly growing in CS lead in the top lane for Ssumday on Gangplank. The game was hard to predict since Goldenglue and the FBI from Golden Guardians were doing really well and snowballing the game into GG’s favor.

Overall, Meteos and Stunt are a wonderful duo and set up a lot of kills, allowing 100 Thieves to extend their advantage and Ssumday to unleash chaos on the side lanes. With that in mind, 100 Thieves were able to capitalize on side lane advantage, take baron and push to win the game.

Immortals vs Flyquest

Aatrox / Trundle / Lucian / Cassiopeia / Thresh vs. Riven / Lee Sin / Viktor / Senna / Blitzcrank

Judging from the draft, Immortals should have taken this game home, but V1per is notorious for being a formidable Riven player. He was winning most match-ups last split and it’s unfortunate Immortals had to see why.

With Santorin’s help, V1per managed to snowball on Riven and style on entire Immortals lineup with no issues. With him being far ahead, Immortals could not do anything and Flyquest were taking objectives left and right.

After taking Baron and Dragon Soul, they were easily able to push into Immortals base and win it all.

That is all for Day 1 coverage of LCS 2020, stay tuned for more in the upcoming days.