Wasteland Remastered Coming To PC And Xbox One In Late February

Wasteland Remastered Coming To PC And Xbox One In Late February
Credit: Wasteland Remastered Website

InXile Entertainment has announced the official launch date of Wasteland Remastered, an overhaul of the title released in 1988.

Now PC and Xbox One players can experience the classic title once again.

Wasteland is considered “the godfather of the modern post-apocalyptic cRPG.” The game features decisions that matter, and all affect the ending.

The official Steam store summary lays out the story: “The year is 2087, eighty-nine years after an all out nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union turned vast swaths of the Earth into a hellish wasteland where survival is a daily struggle against thirst, hunger, radiation sickness, ravaging raiders, and mutants – always mutants. You are a Desert Ranger, one of a band of stalwart lawmen born from the remnants of a U.S. Army detachment who survived the nuclear holocaust by holing up in a maximum security prison. You may wear ragtag uniforms and carry make-shift weapons, but the Desert Rangers are the only law left in what was once the American southwest.”

The original game is currently available on Steam with voice-overs, new music, and updated portraits. There is also a Classic Mode for those who want to relive the original experience.

The popularity of Wasteland 1 also spawned two sequels. Wasteland 2 is the sequel to the first game and was created by the producer of the original Fallout. It was released in 2014. The third game, Wasteland 3, has not yet been released but is scheduled to launch on May 18. Wasteland Remaster would be a great title for fans to refamiliarize themselves with the series before the release of the newest title in the trilogy.

The remaster is a complete overhaul of the original title. The game will feature all-new graphics, audio, music, and digital versions of the physical paragraphs book with new artwork. inXile Entertainment has stated the game will be a digital download only.

inXile Entertainment worked with their development partners Krome Studios, to completely overhaul the visual and audio from the original games. This was all accomplished while staying true to the original 1988 title.

Along with screenshots and news of what’s to come in Wasteland Remaster was the official release date and where fans can purchase the game.

Wasteland Remastered launches on February 25 for PC via Steam, Windows Store, GOG, and the Xbox One (with Xbox Game Pass).