Warhorse Studios Releases Final Update Patch 1.9.4 For Kingdom Come Deliverance

Warhorse Studios Releases Final Update Patch 1.9.4 For Kingdom Come Deliverance
Credit: Warhorse Studios via Steam

Warhorse Studios’ Kingdom Come Deliverance was first released in February 2018, almost two years ago. The title has gone through significant updates, starting from the first week until the present day.

It was recently announced that update patch 1.9.4 would be the final update to the patch. The patch marked the end of the development and updates for the game.

Patch 1.9.4 was released on November 22 and according to Steam contains the following updates:

  • changing graphics settings no longer disables certain mod until restart
  • fixed crash when a “testing” subchapter in skald was created
  • “new mod” dialog now copies modding_eula.txt to the created folder
  • fixed crash when using a mod with database diff in TBL format
  • “create pak” function will no longer include storm source files in created mod

Most of the patches are related to the new Modding Tools that Warhorse Studios released in late October.

Within the past two years, there have been five significant DLCs released. The last DLC to be released was A Woman’s Lot, which allowed players to control a female character, Theresa. Henry also got a pet dog to the delight of many gamers.

All of the DLC was released in the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition, which is a collection featuring the base game and seven DLCs.

Though this is the final patch, Warhorse Studios has not abandoned its player base. The release of the Modding Tools opened up the game to new possibilities. Modders are already working hard to create new scenarios for the world of KCD.

Warhorse Studios has also recently released its fourth video Scripting Tutorial for “Guard’s Behavior, Loops, Save/Load.” The goal for this tutorial is to accomplish two behaviors: “NPC walks in a loop. NPC keeps walking between random tagPoints. Both behaviors support save/load.”

The next scheduled Scripting Tutorial is “Link data, Custom link types, Dynamic links.”

Warhorse Studios continues to update its wiki on Nexus Mods with information about how to mod the game. The studio is also active on Youtube, answering any questions users have regarding their Modding Tools.

For those interested in downloading the Modding Tools, they are available for free on NexusMods. Unfortunately, they are only available for PC users with no console mod support planned in the future.