Warframe Grendel Packed With Fearsome Features, The Old Blood Update Release Date Set Soon

Warframe Grendel Packed With Fearsome Features, The Old Blood Update Release Date Set Soon
Credit: PlayWarframe via YouTube

The Warframe Grendel, which is part of The Old Blood update, is packed with fearsome features. And these will finally be experienced soon.

The free-to-play action RPG is getting several enhancements courtesy of its upcoming expansion. One of them is the arrival of the gruesome character who stores the enemies in his stomach after eating them. This is his strategy to generate enough power to maximize his abilities.

Grendel’s hunger is insatiable. He never feels stuffed no matter how many foes he consumes. This predator must not be feared, though, since he only devours the cruel ones.

Warframe Grendel boasts of a “noble spirit.” He extends healing to his allies. This makes him a compelling character, not just in defeating enemies, but also in protecting those he loves. He uses his abilities to make sure he deals massive damage.

If players would like to have the fearsome yet compassionate character, they need to get to Leverian. They can hunt for him there. They may construct him by putting together the parts via in-game purchases. Meanwhile, it can be acquired, too, through the Marketplace.

When using Warframe Grendel, gamers can earn a bonus armor or weapon for each enemy he consumes.

On the other hand, Kuva Lich is resurrected in The Old Blood update. This means that the villain is out to spread ruthless attacks once again.

Players will have to face this enemy throughout the game. No matter how skilled the gamers are, they can never avoid him. They may kill the Kuva Lich now, but another one will surely come back. And this will be the cycle for the whole system.

Kuva Lich will never stop from making the Warframe journey extra challenging. This is expected even if he is defeated with the use of Parazon. The latter is Tenno’s feared blade being hidden somewhere.

In the official Twitter announcement of The Old Blood expansion, Warframe Grendel and Kuva Lich were introduced on Saturday. It was likewise revealed that the update would be launched for the game’s PC version. Thus, some fans were prodding the developer to have it on Xbox One as well.

It must be noted that the update has no specific release date yet. In short, it could be challenging to anticipate its arrival on Xbox soon. Digital Extremes did not even respond to the comments to its latest tweet.

Along with Warframe Grendel and Kuva Lich, Melee changes are also worth the fans’ excitement.