VR Support Is A Real Possibility For Microsoft Flight Simulator, According To Recent Reports From Developer

VR Support Is A Real Possibility For Microsoft Flight Simulator, According To Recent Reports From Developer
Credit: GamerMuscleVideos via YouTube

VR gaming has seen a ton of growth just in the past year. A lot of developers are fully committed to this segment of gaming, which has given rise to a lot of great VR titles. The Half-Life series is even getting in on the technology. Now, it seems like Microsoft is too with their upcoming game Microsoft Flight Simulator.

If you’re familiar with this long-running franchise, you know how realistic everything is. The cockpits always feature authentic buttons and controls. The visuals are awe-inspiring. Even the flight mechanics are true to the industry as a whole.

Having these realistic experiences in VR would just immerse you in these flight experiences even more. It’s a natural progression for the series if you really think about it. What better game to have VR than one that is all about immersion and realism?

Microsoft wasn’t always on board the VR train, though. When this 2020 installment was first teased, VR wasn’t really on their radar. They had their sights set on other systems and features. Now that the community is all for it, though, they’ve had a change of heart.

Speaking on the matter just recently was Jorg Neumann, the head of Microsoft Flight Simulator. He spoke about how VR is actually a top priority for the developer right now. They don’t just want to release it before it’s completely ready, though.

It’s pretty safe to assume that VR support won’t be available in Microsoft Flight Simulator at launch. It would take a herculean effort to do so, and the last thing Microsoft wants is to rush this aspect of the game. Rather, they want to get it down to a science as to please fans that have stayed with this series for so many years.

A more realistic time frame for the inclusion of VR support would be several months or even a year after launch. If that’s the case, the wait will probably still be worth it. Microsoft Flight Simulator already looks amazing , from the realistic settings that are being brought to fans thanks to satellite technology to the authentic pilot controls.

On paper, Jorg and Asobo Studio seem like the perfect team to bring VR support to a flight simulator. They have a lot of VR experience under their belt, and this experience could bring forth one of the better installments to date.

Let’s see what Jorg and his team have up their sleeves.