VR Support Could Be Coming To Microsoft Flight Simulator According To Developer

VR Support Could Be Coming To Microsoft Flight Simulator According To Developer
Credit: Squirrel via YouTube

When you think of games involving planes, Microsoft Flight Simulator is generally a series that comes to mind first. These games probably do the best job at depicting what it’s actually like to be in control of a commercial aircraft. The cockpit controls are so intricate and the environments you get to fly over often leave you breathless.

The next installment in this storied franchise is set to release in 2020. A couple of trailers have already been released, which have shown some of the visuals firsthand. They look so good, from the expansive oceans to the majestic forest lines. This next game could take the series into unprecedented heights in more ways than one.

More specifically, this next installment could get VR support. That idea alone is incredible to think about. Imagine sitting in the cockpit with a first-person perspective, where the camera moves wherever your VR headset moves. You truly could feel like a legitimate pilot manning a large commercial plane thanks to VR technology.

The developing team behind this project seem to think it would be a great idea as well. They saw how the fans reacted after Microsoft Flight Simulator debuted at this year’s E3. Many felt that VR was a no-brainer, even though the developers didn’t originally plan for VR support. Now, though, that appears to be the direction they’re going in.

It probably won’t be available at launch, but VR support is a real possibility at a later date. The head of Microsoft Flight Simulator — Jorg Neumann — went on record saying he and his team want to give fans the best flight simulation experience possible, and that VR technology will take precedence over a lot of other things they want to do with this latest game.

That’s great news if you’ve been a heavy proponent of VR technology since the beginning. The immersion would be downright insane. It would be like an actual flight simulation training program, where you can test your skills inside a realistic-looking cockpit for hours. The visuals already looking amazing, but VR support would take this franchise to the next level.

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of this type of gaming, Microsoft Flight Simulator seems like just the title to get you interested. Who hasn’t wanted to see what it’s like to be a legitimate pilot? Now, everyone will  be able to live out these fantasies like never before.