Victory Five Begin Their Redemption Arc With Decisive Wins In The First Weeks Of LPL Summer Split

Victory Five Begin Their Redemption Arc With Decisive Wins In The First Weeks Of LPL Summer Split
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

The laughing stock of the LPL Spring Split continues to impress in their Summer Split redemption arc. Victory Five took down BiliBili Gaming 2-1.

Top laner BiuBiu helped carry his team in battle today. He looked flawless on Renekton, playing the lane oppressively. BLG have been substituting their top laners in and out between every match this split, so they had issues finding consistency in that lane when playing against an in-form player like BiuBiu.

The first game began and ended with the fantastic efforts of BLG’s support Xinmo, who played an impressive game on Bard. Bard’s Tempered Fate, alongside Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble, set up the majority of the team’s early kills that quickly snowballed into a match win.

V5 were never given the chance to flex their teamfighting prowess since they faltered early against the strong single target burst, particularly from FoFo on Zoe, who finished the game with MVP honors and 100-percent kill participation.

Game two was the complete opposite of the first. BLG showed just why so many pundits regard them as the least consistent team in the LPL. Although they drafted a similar style of composition, the execution was far from perfect. V5 steered clear of the early aggression from their opponents and flexed their mechanical skills later in the game.

The final game of the series was the least close. Former KT Rolster top laner Kingen was subbed in for BLG and immediately looked to be less in sync with his team. Within the first 10 minutes, Kingen was essentially being repeatedly farmed on the island that is the top lane. He found himself with three deaths early on and the team was down 5,000 gold at 12 minutes.

This early lead was quickly capitalized on since V5 took just about every neutral objective they could get their hands on. Their early power spike seemed to be insurmountable for BLG, who were then torn to shreds in the final teamfight.

BiuBiu was the MVP of the series. His early lane pressure, particularly on his renowned Renekton pick, was essential to unlocking BLG’s one solid gameplan.

For BLG, the changes they made over the split break have seemingly made no difference in fixing their most harmful issues. Their continuous substitutions during series leave them feeling discombobulated as a team. Without Meteor and Kuro on the team, they no longer have a real identity, which has led to them languishing toward the bottom of the LPL ladder when they were favorites to make it to Worlds earlier this year.

V5 are now top 2 the LPL and will look to continue their run of surprisingly great form next week against Vici Gaming.