Users Of Final Fantasy 14 Are Already Working Nonstop In The Game’s New Peaceful Farming Mode

Users Of Final Fantasy 14 Are Already Working Nonstop In The Game’s New Peaceful Farming Mode
Credit: pcgamer

Players of Final Fantasy 14 are purging every plant and resource from their immaculate new island havens in order to feed the machine of efficiency rather than relaxing on the beach as they were intended to.

With the release of patch 6.2 this week, Island Sanctuaries, a solitary mode where you can manage a farm, gather resources, make things, and care for animals became available.

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As you travel the island and construct facilities, you earn special XP that raises your rank and gives you the chance to equip your character with rides and other hairstyles. By exchanging spreadsheets, maps, and information on spawn rates, MMO players have obviously discovered a way to convert this casual pastime into a business.

To prevent you from wandering off too far, Reddit user LucarioMagic marked plants on the island map. Stalvtuber went one step farther and gave precise coordinates so you could construct straight lines from each resource.

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Additionally, YouTuber Cole Evyx created a video in which he cautions viewers about a “noobtrap” that prohibits you from developing your island base and offers a full Excel sheet of materials you may produce along with a worth per hour (VPH) number for each one.

The difference between how people are using the mode and how it was meant to be used is frequently brought up on Twitter and the game’s subreddit.

This issue frequently arises in MMOs: Over the years, World of Warcraft has added its own farms and other casual-friendly features, but many players prefer to exploit them rather than enjoy the break from raiding and grinding creatures.

There aren’t many reasons to speedrun FF14 either, even if nothing in the game prevents you from slogging through island life. It solely relies on your level of patience and what brings you the most joy.

The following are some of the reasons why several Reddit users converted the island sanctuary into a scaled-down management sim: